Wrath of the Righteous

A slow descent into madness

In which the cultist don't know what hit them

The party wakes up in the Tirablade household, where they take their captive cavalier, Chaleb, to Defender’s Heart. (A former Inn that is nestled upon a hill, as a strategic stronghold). The Inn is well inhabited, and Anevia is treated as a celebrity, due to her wife Irabeth. Addit turns over Chaleb to the local authorities, where he is placed in a makeshift brig, before the group finally meets with Irabeth.

Anevia is overjoyed at the reunion and Irabeth is receptive to the offer of aide from Nealthholm. The half-orc promises that she will send some crusaders to reach out the Nealthholm. It turns out that the mysterious S.V. mentioned in the letter to Hosilla, is none other than Staunton Vhane, who is the leader of the Hammers of Heaven, a cultist group. Vhane was a former model crusader who had betrayed the crusaders of Kenebras, and may have been the lynchpin in causing the holy warriors to lose Drezen 75 years ago. Irabeth tasked the party with uncovering and uprooting the cultist safehouses. Saying goodbye to Anevia, the party made a quick stop my the makeshift bazaar that had been set up at Defender’s Heart.

After a brief discussion with the merchants, everyone earned 541 gp from the selling of art and splitting of found gold, the group left to uproot the cultist safe-houses mentioned in Hosilla’s letter. The first stop at Nyserian Manor yeilded nothing, as the manor appeared to have been destroyed in initial attack on Kenebras.

The next stop at Topaz Solutions proved to be a bit more formidable. As the party approached, sounds of looting could be heard, and the party rushes in to find a group of thieves ransacking the place. After nearly killing all of the ne’er-do-wells, the remaining man informs them that they were part of the Ash Raven mercenaries, and they were just looking for a quick way to make a shilling. Addit lets the remaining man go, as Artokus and Dave gather what the rogues had been looting. Making their way down into a hidden basement, the party find a depiction of Baphomet that had been painted on the wall, appearing to have been done in blood. Addit approaches a desk that looks to have a chest and a strange clock-work statue on it, when the iconography speaks.

“I hope you are among Iomedae’s slaves, I would hate to waste a personal greeting of Lord Baphomet on peasants.” As soon as the booming voice finishes, a cloud of vapor encases the heroes, coming from the statue, and a strange tumor-like creature crawls out from under a pile of refuse. The party manages to put together enough clues to realize that the creature is called a mandragora, a plant known for its inhuman screaming, and quickly finishes it off. In the chest on the table, are five wooden holy symbols of Iomedae with a note that states “Don’t need these anymore. Would hate to leave empty handed.” Addit picks them up, only to find that they are coated in a poison. Thankfully Addit’s hands are covered by her gauntlets and the whole thing is just an annoyance. The party also recovers the marileth statue, which is worth a pretty copper.

The party finally comes to the Tower of Estrod, where with the use of the pass-phrase, they are welcomed with open arms. The party is lead down the stairs to meet with Faxon, a teifling that has a striking resemblance to Asmodeous. Faxon instructs everyone to submit their treasures, before everyone starts to head upstairs for some rest. As the party begins to leave, Faxon wishes to speak with Artokus privately. Dalin, who senses that the meeting would have dire consequences for the alchemist, instead attacks. While Addit charges the teifling, Dave deals with the two cultist that try to sandwhich the group, before Addit and Dalin get into a huge fight over who has to go into the Baphomet fan shrine that Faxon has been hiding in his basement.

After a quick back and forth, Addit grudgingly enters the vile room, only to nearly kill the cultist in one hit. Faxon survives the crit, to demand Addit’s name, but before the Kellid paladin can give it, Dave knocks Faxon out with a magic missile. Addit is able to stabalize Faxon and tie him up, before the group begins to interrogate him. In the room the party finds a note to Faxon from Minagho, a lillitude demon who is the Raliscrad ruler. The letter informs the party that the cultist attack was at least three years in the making, and that they plan on using the wardstones for some nefarious purpose. In the wake of such news, Artokus kills Faxon. The group recovers most of the magical and mundane goods that the cultist have hoarded, before heading back to Irabeth to turn over the papers and figure out the next move. Irabeth is greatful for the findings, and rewards the party with 1,250 gp each for taking care of the cultist safe houses.

XP 2100 (10120 XP to date)



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