Wrath of the Righteous

Cultist, Dretchs, and a gars, Oh my!

the finding of magic weapons

The party continues to clear out a cultist stronghold on their way to the surface. As they begin to face more difficult challenges, they run into cultist of both Deskari and the Baphomet. In addition to recovering their weapons, the party is also able to recover some scrolls and other gear. While investigating a lower level of the compound, Dalin is attacked by several gar, horrid albino fish with massive jaws filled with sharp teeth.

After an intense battle with the fish, Artokus managed to find a hidden door, which contained a wooden chest. As Addit went to grab the chest she set off a trap, which caused the paladin to topple down into a well placed hole. Clambering up from the surprise pit, Addit was able to open up the trunk. Inside the chest was a magical shield, two potions and several scrolls and two hundred fifty gold pieces. As we trace back our steps, we encounter the head cultist, a woman named Hosilla.

After a fierce battle, Dalin and Artokus were able to defeat Hosilla and her henchman Uziel. On Hosilla we found a note naming three cultist hide outs (Nyserian Manor, Topaz Solutions, and the Tower of Estrod) the reason why Hosilla were down here. The cult of the Iron Labyrinth are attempting to corrupt holy weapons that belong to good faiths. The party was able to recover the holy relic, Yaniel’s sword. When Addit holds the weapon, it illuminates as bright as a torch, however when anyone else holds it, the sword stops glowing. We rest the night in a small room before venturing onwards deeper into the complex.

As Addit wakes up, she is also affected by the same disease that Dolan has been fighting off. Dolan, in his desperation to be rid of the fever, attempts to cast remove disease from a scroll that the party found, only to fail miserably and turn his hair color permanently periwinkle blue. Before we set out to find the surface, we show the note to Anevia and she becomes quiet worried. Aravashnial perks up at the mention of the Tower of Estrad, while Horgus is surprised at the mention of the Nyserian Manor. According to Horgus, he loaned Nyserian money several months ago for a large purchase. Aravashnial and Anevia explain about Yaniel’s sword, and the group has a new found respect for the weapon.

As they fight there way through the remaining mongrelmen and their pets, the caves turn into crafted tunnels. Soon the party comes across a large room that was once a cistern. as they make their way through the cistern, two small bloaty demons attack. After several hit and run attacks, the party is able to defeat the Dretchs and make it to the surface. Kenebras is not how they left it, with most of the city showing signs of a horrid battle and giant chasms litter the landscape. However a faint bleating is heard when the group reaches the surface. Much to Dave’ joy, he has been reunited with Snickers, his beloved goat.

XP 2750 (Total 5770 xp to date)



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