Wrath of the Righteous

Into the Breach!

ain't no mountain high ain't no valley low to keep me from getting to loot baby.

As the army moves out on the ninth day, they pass through a dried river bed lined by canyon walls. The Knights of the Fifth Crusade have successfully crossed into the Worldwound. Halfway through the day, the weather becomes odd. Clouds form overhead and begin spewing out what appears to be golf-ball sized hail. Upon closer inspection, it turns out not to be hail, but frozen eyeballs. The sun sets earlier than expected as the army prepares to start marching in the dark. As they march, word reaches Addit that there is a troublemaker in their midst. After all the issues with Aron, Addit falls back to investigate, leaving Artokus to lead the army.

It turns out that Arles Jhestanders is having second, or even third thoughts about this foray into the Worldwound. A veteran crusader, he appears to have lost hope and has fallen into a depression. After mincing words with Addit, the young girl manages to persuade him to carry on, claiming that “The Demons only win when good men do nothing.” Fifteen miles from Keeper’s Canyon, Aron spots an abandoned temple resting on the canyon top. According to him, some of these temples can hold hidden supplies of healing potions, sometimes enough to outfit an army. After a brief conference, the party, along with Nurah agree to explore.

After a difficult climb, the group reaches the courtyard of the chapel. Inside they find a pile of bones from various humans and other humaniod races. Nurah finds some weird humaniod-ish tracks, that look strange. Quiet shortly the mystery is solved when the party is attacked by gargoyles. After searching a small building and finding an armory, the party takes what looks useful before opening the door into a cathedral. The temple, which has massive ceiling with smashed stain glass windows, holds four large cracked statues in the shape of angels. In the chapel several forms of undead attack the party before one falls back in order to bring backup. Addit is able to recognize that the markings which the undead have scribbled onto the wall venerate the demon lord Kabiri, the demon lord of ghouls. Nurah winds up fleeing after the cultist manage to bash Addit into unconsciousness, but they manage to turn the fight around. After a harsh battle against an apparent chosen one of Kabiri, the party is successful and manages to find a stockpile of healing potions as well as a Knight’s Pennon of Battle. The party sends word down to the camp about the temple that all is well and that they will return in the morning. Despite the parties best attempt to cleanse the temple, the desecration still lingers, even after three separate attempts to remove it. The current plan is to bring Sosiel up and see if both holy men of Sheyln can accomplish what one cannot. (36 units)



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