Wrath of the Righteous

Irabeth? Where are you?

In which the Party leaves two members behind and gains a new one

As Dave has a beloved reunion with Snickers, Horgus, Aravashnial, and Anevia each make a reasonable request to where they would like to go, after taking in the devastated city. After much cajoling with Horgus, who demanded to be taken home first, despite not being the closest, the group made its way towards Blackwing, a compound that houses a secret society of demon killers called the Riftwardens. Aravashnial informs everyone that he is a Riftwarden, but he has only been affliated with the group for a short time. Dave continues to pester Aravashnial for information on his parents and attempts to get the elf to touch his butt.

The party sets course to Blackwing, through the eerily quiet city, when two people rush out of a nearby tailoring shop, pursued by an ugly Abracandalu (most commonly known as a wrecker demon). As the foul outsider starts to hurl objects at Addit and Dalin, they quickly discover that the creature has some sort of immunity or resistance to fire. When Dalin gets into melee range, the demon attempts to kill the cleric, but Dalin is able to make quick work of the foul thing. The party is awarded a very fine outfit each, (though Dave leaves his pants with Belfas and Nera Loumis to tailor) they set off again towards Blackwing.

Upon approach to Blackwing it is clear that something terrible has happened. Most of the buildings in the Blackwing convent have been destroyed, with only the library remaining. Aravashnial is devastated by this news, and has to be physically pulled to his feet before the investigation can begin. Inside the library, the party faces off against a crazed man, Chaleb Sazomao, and his two tiefling minions. Chaleb was attempting to burn the remaining librarians alive. After a hard fought battle, Chaleb surrenders himself to Addit, before the group looks around. The lead librarian, a woman named Fenna, gives Dave a half-scorched spellbook in thanks.

According to Fenna, most of Blackwing was destroyed by a man made out of worms who used demons to attack the Riftwarden complex. A search of the library turns up some bits of unknown dried worm flesh. According to Fenna the leader of the Riftwardens, a man named Quednys Orlun, may still be alive. He was in Cydwell plaza when the attack started. As he quickly realizes that there is no one else to take charge, Aravashnial opts to stay at the library to help protect the remaining staff instead of continuing onwards.

On the way from Blackwing to Horgus’ Manor, the group stumbles across a mob of crusaders towering over a young woman. As one of them raises their sword the chipped statue of Sarenrae shines with a blinding light and the statue reforms. In that moment, the crusaders realize what they are doing and throw down their swords. According to them, an old man told the group that blood from a virgin would temporarily make a weapon able to harm a demon. Addit then proceeds to lose it on the group for a moment, before sending them on their way. Klara, the young girl, is very thankful and informs the group that there have been horrific flies with human faces eating people. In addition there have been rumors that the Mendevian Army is marching to Kenebras, but who knows how long it will take for them to reach here?

As the group leaves Klara with her familiy, they approach the Gwrem Manor, and it looks unscathed. However much to Horgus’ displeasure, it appears that the servants have taken off with various fine knick-knacks. He quickly pays us the sum he promised us, and takes his leave.

When we reach the Tirablade Homestead, it appears that nothing is amiss. However when we enter, Anevia is immediatly attacked by a large bug before being attacked by a half-orc named Vagorg. As Addit cuts Vagorg in twain, with his dying breath the cultist whispers “Xoveron take me”. Addit knows that Xoveron is a Demon Lord of gargoyles, gluttony and ruins. The party decides to rest at the Tirablade household for the night, and to find Irabeth in the morning, hopefully to turn over Chaleb to what remains of the local law enforcement.

XP 2250 (8020 XP to date)



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