Wrath of the Righteous

Welcome to our evil lair! Now stay still while I vomit on you!

In which the party fights the second floor of the dungeon all at once.

After returning to Defender’s Heart and recovering from dealing with the safehouses, the party meets Irabeth in the command center, along with Quednys Orlun (the founder and head librarian of Blackwing). We find out that Quednys was instrumental in saving lives after the initial attack on Kenabres. According to Quednys, as horrific as things have been, this is merely a prelude of what is to come. Areluu Vorlesh is coming to Kenebras. It is our understanding that Vorlesh plans on using what remains of the old Kenebras wardstone to corrupt and destroy the remaining fence of wardstones and wipe out any resistances to the demons that are along the border. Irabeth has tasked us with infiltrating the Gray Garrison and to destroy what remains of the wardstone.

Quednys has give us a Rod of Cancellation (which Dave carries as his solemn duty). According the Quednys, the rod should be able to remove the remaining power of the wardstone. As we assault the Gray Garrison, the rest of the crusaders will create distraction attacks, to give us an opportunity to enter the Garrison when the defenses are lowered.

We wait two days, as preparations are being made, and much to everyone’s surprise Aravashnial brings us a cache of equipment, and Horgus donates supplies to Defender’s Heart as a relief effort. In addition to the weapons and the supplies, a small group of rangers from Nealthholm arrives. Four of the mongrelmen accompany us (Neflet, Fileah, Kresspur, and Dormag) along with Irabeth to the Gray Garrison.

As we approach the former museum, we spy two Vermaliks that are using the body of Kandro Nyrisan and Lord Hulrun as hosts. After a hard fought battle, the group presses on, making a promise to bury the remains of the former inquisitor and nobleman once they get a chance. Addit uses her skills to climb up to a second story ledge and lower a rope down, as she enters into the museum to allow others up the rope. Inside the study, she comes face to face with three flies with baby heads and hands. As Addit attacks the flies, she become drenched in demonic fly vomit, before Irabeth and Dave show up to help save the day.

As the group attempts to sneak into the upper hallway, Addit accidentally alerts the entire second floor to come and attack. In the midst of demolishing the cultist and their tiefling allies, a terrible weird antler-wolf bird hybrid emerges from one of the room, and attempts to eat Dalin’s heart. Dalin freaks out and manages to crit the Perrington to death. As everything beings to calm down, a Schir demon breaks out of his chamber and tries to attack us. Although the Schir demon lands a good hit on Dalin, Dalin lands the final blow on the Schir and the second floor is cleared.

Looking through the second floor, the party finds most of the books in the library have been ripped to shreds. Dave and Artokus are able to recover half a dozen books and a Manual of War. Looking into the room that the Perrington was in, the party discovers a long table with a map of Mendev engraved on it. Scattered throughout the room is a dozen bodies all missing their hearts. In the room that the cultist were in have information all on the medevian crusaders and the troop movements, along with maps. A huge map depicts Sarkoris with the Worldwound superimposed drawn on it. Amongst the books, Dalin finds a scroll of restoration.

The group heads downstairs and accidentally blocks the doorway from any other cultist on the first floor. As the party returns to the second floor, they utilize the chime of opening to enter in the last door. In the room, we find a wide alabastar basin full of entrails. The party slowly advances up a set of spiral stairs, and the clarion sound of a horn is issued. Before the group stands a fiendish looking minotaur. That is what stands between us and what remains of the wardstone.

2850 xp gained (9660 xp to date)



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