Wrath of the Righteous

Nealthholm Bound
in which Artokus and Aravashniel save the day

Our brave adventuring party moved on from the cavern of statues to a small campsite occupied by a questionably sane dwarven spellcaster. (Later to be identified as Millorn). While Addit rushed him in an attempt to bring him down before he could do any harm, she was caught in a color spray and quickly spent the remaining combat unconscious. When Addit came to, Millorn lay dead and the others had thoroughly looted his campsite. Dave was excited in finding the dwarf’s spellbook, along with several other useful scrolls and other supplies.

Addit buried the spellcaster the best she could, before the group pressed onward. After about an hour of traveling, we came across two mongrelmen (Dyra and Lann) who were in desperate need of help to save their trapped friend, Crel. The group rallied together to help lift a giant rock off of the trapped mongrelman, and they agreed to show us the way to their city, Nealthholm. While we traveled, Aravashniel excitedly pestered Lann for information about his people their history. The party came across a cavern that with some quick thinking, and the use of Addit’s scale they were able to ferry Aravashniel and Anevia across and continue on their way. Shortly before we were to make it to Nealthholm, we came across a den of the dreaded spore cougher (also known as a Vasidaran).

In the den, the Vasidaran lay dead along with two bodies. At first glance they appeared to be crusaders of Iomedae, dead a few weeks before the attack on Kenabres. However upon closer examination of the remains, it became clear that these “crusaders” were actually member of a group called Templar’s of the Iron Labyrinth, a cult dedicated to the demon lord Baphomet. Aravashniel attempted to convince Addit to carry both of the bodies to the surface, to prove his theory of the cult being active in Kenabres. After several minutes of back and forth, Addit was able to convince him to leave the bodies, as long as he was able to keep the unholy symbol that one of the cultist had. Aneiva was deeply troubled by the presence of cultist that may have successfully infiltrated church of Iomedae and is worried that Irabeth might be in grave danger. Lann explained that not all mongrelmen were as kind hearted and good natured as the ones in Nealthholm. According to Lann, some of the mongrelmen have allied themselves with the Templar’s of the Iron Labyrinth.

As we made it Nealthholm, the party is brought before Chief Sull, a descendant of first crusaders. After explaining what happened on to Kenabres, the party was able to secure an alliance with Nealthholm, if we are able to bring their message to the surface. Addit also presented Chief Sull with the brooch found at the campsite, it turned out that it belonged to Sull’s son. Sull’s son had left a few weeks ago after they had a big argument. Chief Sull allowed us all to rest in Nealthholm for the night before we pressed onward.

As we prepared to leave, he presented the party with several potions and a magical morningstar, with the condition that we split one traitor’s head with it. Chief Sull gives us instructions on how to reach the surface, but there is a mongrelmen compound between us and them. The party is able to defeat the two mongrelmen posted as guards, before we enter into the first room of their compound. As we attack, a giant lizard manages to grapple Dave, which Addit makes quick work of. Meanwhile a ranger manages to hurt and knock most everyone, minus Arokus, out. Just as all hoped seemed lost, Aravashniel summons a giant lizard which finally manages to kill the ranger.

XP Total: 2260

We Went down down down and the darkness got deeper
The comedy of errors

While attending the opening ceremony of Armasse (16th of Arodus 4713) the Storm King, Khorramzadeh managed to destroy the wardstone and Kite fortress, in addition to the Cathedral of St. Clydwell. Terendelev stood against the terrifying Balor, using its last dying breath to save us before the Storm King beheaded the guardian of Kenabres.

Down in the ground, the group met Aravashniel, a conjurer of great power, Anevia, a Kenebras scout and wife to Irabeth, and Horgus Gwerm, an insufferable nobleman. As Dave attempted to find his goat, the group tried to figure out the best course of action in escaping the underground tunnels. Dalin managed to protect the rest of the group by taking maggot vomit to the face, and Artokus was able to successfully secure the first tunnel by swiftly killing the vermin before any more harm could fall to the group.

As the party searched the ruins for Dave’s goat, they managed to find several of Terendelev’s scales, each imbued with a special power. As the group finally left the first cavern, they came across their first obstacle, a fifteen foot high cliff with a backpack perched precariously on a rock. Addit, using her scale of Trendelev, managed to levitate up towards the backpack and return to the group. The rucksack was filled with basic supplies to help them along their journey. The group then backtracked towards the other cavern, where they found an old campsite and fought a couple of giant cockroaches. After picking through the old campsite, the party managed to uncover some more basic supplies, along with a curious brooch depicting a bat sitting on a mushroom.

As they continued onwards, Horgus got into a verbal altercation with Aravashnial, when the blind elf stumbled and accidentally grasped the nobleman’s arm. As he came up behind Addit, the paladin was set upon by a venomous cave viper. As Artokus was able to successfully identify the creature, Addit began to feel ill, as the poison left her feeling drained. At Horgus’s suggestion, the paladin drank the unknown potion, which helped her feel slightly better.

After walking for most of the day, the group found themselves at an underground temple to Torag. Outside the temple, fluorescent green moss grew, which bathed everything in an eerie light. While approaching a giant fly tried to eat Addit, but thanks to Anevia’s marksmanship the group was able to continue onwards. While Dalin and Addit were trying to ensure that the temple was secure, Anevia and Horgus began arguing loudly about an old slight. In the midst of the choas, Addit approaches the Huecuva, the paladin is taken by surprise as she gives the undead a chance to leave the temple.

The monster manages to gravely injure the paladin, sending her into unconsciousness, leaving Dalin to deal with the undead. Thanks to Dalin’s channeling and Dave’s quick thinking, Addit rejoins the fight several tense seconds later, to dispatch the undead, though Dave lands the killing blow. As the creature crumbles into dust, the group finds several healing potions along with a tarnished gold ring.

That night, Dave sits and talks with Aravashnial, while Addit attempts to preform a ceremony to Torag to help cleanse the temple, but somewhere something goes wrong, and she is unable to fully complete it. In the morning Dalin wakes feeling sore and stiff, however as there is nothing that can be done, the group continues onwards.

After forty minutes of traveling, the party comes across an open cavern with stone figures carved into the walls. Each of the figures depicts a different crusader clad in armor and wielding weapons, but each of the carved faces contain an expression of sadness. While Dave and Addit begin discussing about how old the figures are, they are suddenly bathed in darkness. amid the chaos of the sudden lack of light, two darkmantles attempted to make a meal out of Dave and Horgus. Thankfully the group was victorious thanks to some fine combat training from Dalin, Artokus’ fine knife skills, Dave’s magic, and Addit’s swordsmanship, they were able to destroy the two magical beasts.

After the combat, Aravashnial mentions that after the First Mendevian Crusade, a group of crusaders vanished down into the caverns below Kenebras to raise their deformed children out of the public eye.

XP gained: 760


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