Wrath of the Righteous

Reclaiming the Garrison

The key to attractiveness is TWO feet

After a quickly fought battle against the Minotaur, the group finds several interesting knick-knacks and shoves them into the ever increasing bag of loot, before kicking down the door into the big boss room. The main event pits everyone against Jeslyn, a deformed half-elf oracle, who claims that she is the chosen of Deskari.

After a few moments of skirmish, Dave is able to successfully prod the wardstone with the poker of potential power (AKA rod of cancellation), only to have the stone explode in a wonderfully colorful display. Thankfully the wardstone did not harm anyone in the party. Unfortunately for Jeslyn was not so lucky. The wardstone ripped her apart, and she dissolved into ash, as the purity of the relic was too much for her corrupted soul to handle.

Addit, Dave, Artokus, and Dalin are all frozen in place, as the history of the wardstone unravels before our eyes, as we all share in a vision. We witness the creation of the wardstone in the Kite, as the Hand of the Inheritor holds silent vigil. Then we are jumped into the future as we watch a young Hulrun begin the third crusade, dragging falsely accused victims and burning them in the courtyard of the Kite, all under the wardstone’s watch. We then witnessed as the Storm King laid a brazen attack on Kenabres, only for him to fail and flee before Trendelev, but not before leaving the tiniest of cracks on its surface. Just as quickly as that vision had faded, a new one began. We were forced to lay witness to Staunton Vhane, fleeing from an enraged Irabeth touch the wardstone, only for him to begin to smoke and scream in pain. With a lucky hit, he was almost successful in slaying Irabeth, only to flee on a fiendish giant wasp as the rest of Kenabres’ crusaders descended upon him.

We then witnessed the shard be picked up by a fiendish woman , with horns in place of her eyes, place the wardstone in the garrison and watch as Jeslyn crafted a cage around it. Our final vision was of something that had not yet come to pass, not would it ever have the chance; Areelu Vorlesh, the sucubii herself, approached the wardstone with a wicked looking crystal the size of a human head. Quickly performing a ritual, the wardstone trembles and lets out a flash of power before becoming corrupted and transforming the population of countless border cities into half-fiend slaves.

As we all were suddenly given back control of our bodies, Addit collapsed as her found that the wardstone not only revitalized her spirit, but regrew her severed leg, good as new. In that moment, of joy, Areluu Vorlesh tried to undo us all. She ripped open a hole to the abyss, after her attempts to suffocate us failed, and sent her six servants against us. After a hard fought battle against Vorlesh’s pet babaus, we sent Irabeth back to Defender’s Heart, with six shards of the wardstone, so that we could clear the rest of the garrison.

After coming across more displays of foul demonic amusement, we find our way into a small chapel to Iomedae. As we manage to gain access to a secret room, we are suddenly assaulted by a half-mad teifling alchemist, who managed to engulf Addit in flames. Thanks to Dave’s quick thinking, the alchemist quickly surrendered and threw himself at the young paladin. Addit, quite confused at the affections, knocked Ortirubo out, intent to deliver him to the authorities at Defender’s Heart.

After discovering a hidden trove of a crusader arsenal, the party grabbed anything that wasn’t tied down, before discovering Irabeth’s sword. Along with the sword we discovered a note, written by Ortirubo. Several hours later, the garrison was in better repair, before returning to Defender’s Heart. That night, Iomedae visited everyone in a dream and granted us additional power, while letting us know that she would no longer be able to interfere, and gave us all a kiss on the brow.

xp gained 10500 xp (23010 xp total) Plus Mythic teir I



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