Wrath of the Righteous

The Queen is coming

In which we become leaders of an army

Two weeks after destroying the wardstone, Defender’s Heart is hosting a high profile guest! Queen Galfrey has come to Kenabres with an army of paladins to rage war on the demons that have dealt this city a devastating blow. She summons everyone to a closed conference, where we give her a briefing about what has been happening since the Storm King first attacked. Although not the most eloquent presentation, it gets the job done. Queen Galfrey informs everyone, that she does not think that our intentions on destroying the wardstone were dark, so we will not be branded as traitors. Instead of being relieved, everyone is confused.

Apparently when we destroyed the Kenabres wardstone, the entire fence collapsed, leaving Kenabres exposed. Near the Rift Shadow a major army of demons is a massing, under the flag of Aponovisious. While the fiend is distracted from Drezen, we along with a small army are to infiltrate the lost citadel and find the Sword of Valor. The Sword of Valor is a banner said to have been wielded by Iomedae herself, that was lost when Drezen fell to the demons. To reclaim this lost relic would bring a huge moral boost when we need it most. Everyone agrees and we plan to set out in two days time.

Along with one hundred paladins, the Queen has loaned us some of her personal royal advisers. First, there is Sosiel Vaenic, a holy man of Shelyn who is well versed in demons and their tactics. Next is Nurah Dendiwhar, an unmatched source on the history of the worldwound and has decent knowledge about everything else. Finally we were introduced to Aron Kir, a crusader tactician and engineer. Aron is an expert on maps, siege tactics and the like. In addition to our three new allies, we managed to convince Irabeth and Anevia to follow us into the Wound, as well as Aravashniel after we restored his eyesight. While Dalin entertains our guests, Addit went to visit Horgus and convince him to join in the efforts. Although she had to bribe the merchant, Addit secretly thinks that Horgus is pleased to have been invited along, even when there is no proof to back this up.

As Addit meets with her new advisers and the Queen, she learns that the current plan is to skirt the Worldwound before crossing over at Keeper’s Canyon. The march should take 4 1/2 days to complete, and the Queen will provide the group with enough supply to give everyone 5 1/2 days to take the cathedral.

As everyone prepares to ride out, Queen Galfrey dubs us the Knights of the 5th Crusade, which grants everyone the ability to run armies, rule kingdoms and claim lands. In addition to the new title, she hands out several medals we earned in our fight against the Babaus.
The session ends with the army beginning to move north, as Addit leads the march to Drezen.



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