Wrath of the Righteous

Trouble at home

In which tempers run high

The army begins their march with 50 units of food, heading North/ North-East. We arrive at the small town of Valis’s Gift at mid-day. The small town was Kenabres’ primary source of grain. However now it is nothing but smoldering buildings and strewn body-parts. It appears that the major cities were not the only part of Mendev that the demons assaulted. Addit, while listening to her counsel decides to stay the day here, to check for any survivors and recover any supplies. After one days search, they are able to find 5 units of food, before beginning the march again. (49 units)

After an uneventful day of marching, the army finds themselves at Vilareth Ford. Anevia has spotted an army of cultist, attempting an ambush. With Anevia’s tip, Addit is able to set up a counter-ambush and the Knights of the Fifth Crusade taste their first victory. Anevia, Aron, Artokus and Dave are sent to scout over the battle field to try and find anything useful, while Irabeth, Sosiel, Nurah, Dalin and Addit go to find survivors. Artokus’ group is able to recover a captured group of crusaders who inform the army of Emestil’s (enemy’s general) cruelty. According the the captives, there is a greater army of demons to the north at Keeper’s Canyon, that has dug into the Harrier River Bed. The other group is able to recover 2 units of food and 3 tools for goods. (45 units)

That night, Arin and Sosiel open up a bit about their past. Sosiel regails us with stories about his time growing up as a gardener in the peaceful Andoran countryside, while Aron is from Cassomir but has found his true purpose in meeting Sosiel. Nurah, for her part was a slave who was tasked with writing down her former master’s conquests in the Worldwound, but barely managed to escape after they were attacked at night.

On the fifth day of their march towards the wound, Addit presents everyone with a standard crusader’s cross, as a testament and promise to seeing everyone back to Drezen alive. (42 units remain) That night Dalin catches Nurah sneaking around camp, while Aron begins to act strange. The sixth day dawns on a tactically cruddy situation. The cultist and army of dretches have managed to entrench themselves into abandoned crusader strongholds. After a hard fought battle, The Knights of the fifth crusade manage to route both of the smaller armies, but a great cost. Both leaders of the enemy flee, while Addit goes about helping bury the dead and treat the injured. That night at dinner, an Incubus teleports into camp, and attempts to assassinate the party. Thankfully the group is able to fend off his attack, but is unable to keep him from fleeing. The remaining army recovers 6 units of food and 2 tools for goods. (45 units)

Addit determines that the army will rest here for the next two days to allow the injured a chance at recovery and the healthy to practice drills. That morning, Sosiel confides in Dalin that Aron has a history of drug addiction, and is becoming more withdrawn and solitary. According to Sosiel, Aron was clean when beginning this march, but is unsure why the scout his acting this way. Dalin agrees to keep an eye on Aron for Sosiel. (42 units)

As the eighth day dawns, Aron’s mood has not gotten any better. Sosiel presses Addit for an intervention, which the young paladin begrudgingly agrees upon. As she approaches Aron for the chat, Artokus tries to pull rank on Aron, and the talk does not go well. After the meeting, Addit goes to take her temper out on an unsuspecting recruit, while Dave and Artokus tail Aron who has grabbed a bag of personal belongings and left camp. After the two magic users realize what Aron plans to abandon the army, Dave rushes back to inform Addit. Addit, not wanting to lose a valuable scout, rides out after Aron with Sosiel in hopes to change the young Taldan’s mind. After some very heated words, and a surprise half-orc hug, the truth comes out. Someone had slipped drugs into Aron’s pack and he was fearing that he was going to turn on them. Rather than allow that to happen, Aron attempted to run away. Addit, offering Aron a second chance, managed to burn the drugs out of Aron’s system with a use of her lay on hands abiliity, and successfully return to camp with everyone. (39 units)



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