Chief Sull

Leader of Neathholm


Chief Sull is a kindly, tough-skinned man who took it upon himself to lead the misfits of Neathholm. He is somewhat bloated, with ratty hair, mousy hair and a one clouded white eye.

In a squeaky—yet somehow commanding—voice Chief Sull explained that his ancestors helped drive back the demons in the First Crusade. He told the adventurers that his people want the demons driven back as much as the “uplanders” and asked the them to relay his willingness to contribute his peoples’ help.

They agreed, and Addit produced a bat brooch they’d found before. Chief Sull became misty-eyed at the gift and explained that one of his sons left Neathholm after an argument. He explained that he never expected his son to return, but thanked them for relaying his whereabouts. In thanks, he presented the heroes with a magic morningstar and asked only that they use the weapons to split at least one traitor’s skull before reaching the surface.

Chief Sull

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